Welcome to Wild & Wonderful Body Care, producers of naturally handmade soaps, luxury shampoo bars, and creamy body butters.


Wild & Wonderful Body Care uses the finest natural ingredients available to produce the most wonderfully handcrafted soap available. Our soaps are made right in our kitchen using a cold-process method just like the pioneers. No special chemicals or preservatives are added, just pure soap. Our specialty soaps were researched and developed to use the beneficial properties associated with select essential oils to produce soaps that not only cleanse your skin, but work with your body to naturally alleviate many skin irritations. Our artisan coconut milk soaps are purely for pleasure, combining beautifully handcrafted designs with essential and fragrance oils to produce a wild and wonderful bathing experience for your enjoyment.

Shampoo Bars

Our luxury shampoo bars are specially formulated to produce a gentle cleansing lather that rinses well to leave your hair clean and soft.


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